Bluegill Belly Bean

J Stockard featured this fly on their Fly of the Month blog, I loved the look of it so I tied up a few in different colors. Check out the original post for the background and some fishing tips.

  • Wet Fly
  • Attractor
  • Normal
  • Panfish
  • Source: J Stockard - Fly of the Month - Paul Beel
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread at the jig bend in the shank. Build up a thread base to provide a foundation for the eyes and then secure them on the top of the shank using figure eight wraps. Position the thread behind the eyes.
Take a strand of Krystal Flash and fold it in half. Run the thread to the start of the bend and catch in the Krystal Flash at its midpoint and then fold the Krystal Flash back on itself so that there are 4 strands extending out the back. Trim the Krystal Flash so that it is slightly longer than the overall hook length. Position the thread at the Krystal Flash tie in point.
Tie in one rubber leg on top of the hook shank, trim to same length as the Krystal Flash. Return the thread to the Krystal Flash tie in point.
Tie in a length of Petite Glissen Gloss Estaz, advance the thread to the middle of the hook shank.
Wrap the Petite Glissen Gloss Estaz forward to the middle of the hook shank, secure and trim off the excess.
Tie in two rubber legs at their midpoints on top of the shank, forming an X.
Fold back the legs and secure them so that they point towards the tail of the fly. Trim the legs so they are the length of the hook shank.
Apply dubbing to your thread and fill in the gap between the body and the eyes, taking figure eight wraps around the eyes.
Secure the thread in front of the lead eyes, whip finish and apply head cement.
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