EZ Nymph, Bead Head

A variation of the EZ Nymph, the bead head version adds weight to the fly so that it will get down deep fast. Its body and legs are still created with pheasant tail feather fibers but it also has a thin collar of dubbing directly behind the bead to finish out the fly.

  • Nymph
  • Mayfly
  • Simple
  • Trout
  • Source: Al Campbell
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Slide a bead on the hook and then place it in the vise. Secure bead with 3-4 wraps of lead pushed into the cavity and then start the thread behind the bead.
Snip around 12 pheasant tail fibers, they should be about three hook shanks in length. Secure the butt ends behind the bead and tie them in along the hook shank forming an underbody until you get to the start of the hook bend. Firmly secure the fibers at the start of the bend and then return the thread the starting point of the tail fibers.
Wrap the pheasant tail fibers along the shank to form the body, adjust your wraps so that there is just enough material left to extend slightly past the start of the hook bend once folded back. Secure the fibers behind the bead, leaving a thin gap which will be filled with dubbing later..
Fold back the fibers towards the hook bend and pinch them along the hook shank so they radiate around the shank instead of just on top of it. Secure the fibers in place.
Apply dubbing to the thread and take wraps behind the bead to fill in the gap. Whip finish and apply head cement if desired.
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