Glo Bug Egg

Here is a simple way to tie the egg pattern, by preparing the egg yarn beforehand into lengths of straws you can quickly and easily tie consistent egg flies.

  • Wet Fly
  • Egg
  • Simple
  • Trout
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Prepare the yarn by separating out 2 strands of orange or yellow, and one strand of dark pink or red. Place the darker colored yarn on top of the other strands and then feed them through a short piece of straw. You can use a heavy duty threader if you have one, or first feed an end of thread through the straw which can be affixed to the tip of the yarn and pulled back through.
Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread behind the eye. Run the thread to the start of the bend and then return to the middle of the shank.
Pull a small tag of yarn out of the end of the straw, tie in the yarn with the hot spot color on top. Your tie in point will determine the size of the egg, the egg will be twice the size of the length of the tag you tie in. Use crossing wraps to secure the yarn to the hook.
Pull the straw slightly to expose more yarn, and clip the yarn an equal distance from the hook shank as the tag end you tied in.
Apply head cement to the thread, and whip finish the fly in front of the egg.
Orvis Orvis
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