Griffith's Gnat

A popular midge dry fly that imitates a wide variety of insects. It is created with a peacock herl body and palmered hackle.

  • Dry Fly
  • Midge
  • Simple
  • Trout
  • Panfish
  • Source: George Griffith
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread behind the eye. Run the thread to the start of the hook bend.
Prepare and catch in the hackle at the start of the bend. Do not advance the thread.
Catch in one peacock herl at the start of the bend, and then advance the thread just short of the eye.
Wind the herl along the shank to form the body, secure and trim any excess just short of the eye.
Wind the hackle towards the eye taking even spaced turns to form the palmered hackling. Secure and trim any excess.
Use just enough thread to cover any tag ends of material just behind the eye to finish the fly, then whip finish and apply head cement.
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