Hare's Ear Nymph

This classic nymph pattern uses guard hairs from a hare’s mask for its tailing material and the soft underfur as dubbing for its body. It has a gold ribbing to simulate a segmented body while providing some flash. It can be weighted with a lead wire underbody over the thorax area.

  • Nymph
  • Mayfly
  • Normal
  • Trout
  • Panfish
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread behind the eye. Form a even under body along the shank of the hook, position the thread at the start of the bend.
Snip a pinch of fur from a hare’s mask, separate the guard hairs from the soft underfur. Tie in the guard hairs to form a tail the length of one hook gap. Save the soft underfur to use as dubbing.
Cover the tag ends of the guard hairs with thread and then return to the start of the bend. Tie in the ribbing material at the tail and return the thread to the start of the bend.
Apply the soft underfur dubbing to the thread and form a tapered body to the midpoint of the shank.
Wrap the ribbing material forward, tie off at the midpoint of the shank and snip off the excess.
Tie in the wing case fibers, snipping the excess and retuning the thread to the just in front of the wing case.
Apply more dubbing material to the thread and form a thorax slightly larger than the body. Leave enough room to form a head with thread.
Fold the wing case over the thorax and secure it, clip off the excess. Form a small head with thread, whip finish and apply head cement.
Using a dubbing needle, tease out fibers on the thorax to simulate legs.
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