Klinkhammer Special

The Klinkhamer was devised by a Dutch angler Hans van Klinken, in the early 80's to imitate an emerging caddis fly to catch grayling and trout which feed from them as they float in the surface film. This pattern has proven to be an extremely effective fly.

  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide
Place the hook in the vice and wrap the entire shank with the tying thread. Return thread to thorax area.
Tie in a piece of poly yarn for the post, creating a tapered under body with the tag end.
Tie in the hackle so it lies in the same orientation as the post. Form an upright wing by tying up the yarn and hackle.
Return the thread to the bend of the hook. Apply a small amount of dubbing and form a slim tapered body to the wing.
Tie in three peacock herl fibers behind the wing and form a thorax by taking 2 to 3 wraps behind and in front of the wing. Tie off the herl and return thread to the post.
Wrap the hackle around the post 5-6 times, starting at the top and make the successive wraps beneath the previous. Cast off.
Trim the post and apply a small amount of varnish to the head and base of the post.
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