March Brown Emerger

Light colored emerger pattern with a CDC loop wing for buoyancy.

  • Emerger
  • Mayfly
  • Normal
  • Trout
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread behind the eye, run the thread along the shank to about a quarter way beyond the bend.
Secure a short length of antron as the shuck. You do not want a clean cut on the end of shuck, use your scissors at various angles to create a uneven cut.
Secure the ribbing material at the same tie in point.
Cover the butt ends of the shuck and ribbing materials and then return the thread to the tie in point.
Apply a thin dubbing rope to the thread, using the light colored portions from a hares mask or similar soft fur.
 Form a tapered body to about the mid point of the shank.
Counter wrap the ribbing material along the body to create a segmented look, tie off in front of body and cover the tag end with thread.
Prepare two CDC feathers by aligning their tips, then catch them in with a loose collecting wrap near the base of the stem.
With light tension on the thread, pull the CDC feathers back to capture the majority of the fibers in the tip, once you reach the point where the longer fibers are about to pull through, secure with tight wraps, cut off the excess.
Apply another small dubbing rope to the thread, and cover the butt ends.
Catch in one partridge feather on the bottom side of the shank to imitate the legs, alternatively you could wrap the partridge feather in a soft hackle fashion.
Position and fan out the partridge feather fibers and then clip off the excess.
Apply another small dubbing rope to the thread and cover the butt ends, completing the thorax.
Pull the CDC feathers over the top of the thorax as if you were creating a wing case, and then push the stems back towards the bend of the hook to form the loop, take a loose wrap to get an idea of how the loop will form.
Once satisfied with the CDC loop,  secure with tight wraps and remove the excess. Cover the butt ends with thread.
Form a small head with thread, whip finish and apply head cement.
Orvis Orvis
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