March Brown Spider

Soft hackle wet fly dubbed with a light colored body and gold tag and rib.

  • Wet Fly
  • Mayfly
  • Normal
  • Trout
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Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread behind the eye, run the thread along the shank to the start of the bend.
Catch in the gold tinsel and run the thread down the bend of the hook slightly.
Wrap the tinsel back up to the start of the bend of the hook to form the tag, secure the tinsel.
Fold the tinsel back on itself, and secure it to be used for the ribbing.
Apply a thin dubbing rope to the thread, I used gold dyed hares mask but any light colored dubbing will work. Form a tapered body to behind the eye, leaving enough room to form a head.
Counter wrap the ribbing material along the body to create a segmented look, tie off in front of body and cover the tag end with thread.
Prepare a partridge feather by removing the fluff and stroking the longer feather fibers back from the tip. Catch in the tip of the feather with the back, or dull side, of the feather away from you, secure and then snip off the excess.
Prepare for the next steps by wetting your fingers and stroking the feather fibers towards the back of the fly, dull sides together.
Take one to one and a half turns and then secure and snip off any excess. The hackle should be sparse.
Form a small head with thread, whip finish and apply head cement.
Finished fly viewed from the front.
Orvis Orvis
Orvis Tackle Direct