Suspended Buzzer

A simple emerger pattern with a slim, scruffy body meant to imitate a small hatching midge. A synthetic seals fur alternative is used for the body while a foam bubble near the eye keeps the fly in the surface film of the water. Experiment in a glass of water to determine the amount of foam needed to keep your fly floating with the hook and materials you choose.  This pattern has been altered slightly from the one presented in The Fly-Tying Bible.

  • Emerger
  • Midge
  • Simple
  • Trout
  • Source: The Fly-Tying Bible
  • Submitted By: Fly Tying Guide


Place the hook in the vise and secure the thread behind the eye, run the thread along the shank to the start of the bend.
Catch in the ribbing material and run the thread a quarter of the way down the bend.
Apply a thin dubbing rope to the thread, the fly body should be kept slim so use only enough dubbing to cover the thread. I'm using Euro-Seal dubbing, but any seal alternative would work.
Form a slim body to  behind the hook eye, leaving a eye width gap so you do not crowd the eye.
Counter wrap the ribbing material along the body to create a segmented look, tie off in front of body and cover the tag end with thread.
Prepare a strip of foam about a hook gap in width, snip off the corners on one end to make it easier to tie in.
Tie in the foam, compressing it about 2 hook eyes in length, adjust this length as needed so that the fly has the desired buoyancy.
This is an optional step, I like to cover the thread with a small amount of dubbing for a consistent underside.
Fold the foam over and catch in behind the eye with 2 or 3 tight wraps.
Return the thread to behind the foam, being careful not to compress it.
Fold the foam back over and catch it in with 2 or 3 tight wraps.
Pull the foam up and snip it off close to the thread.
This step is also optional, I like to cover the butt end of the foam with a little dubbing at this point before whip finishing.
Whip finish behind the foam, you can apply a small amount of head cement to the thread before you whip finish to lock everything down.
Orvis Orvis
Orvis Tackle Direct